The Champs Stay Hot

Now here’s a fun fact: The Twins left fielder hit a leadoff home run in the first game back at the Metrodome after winning both the 1987 and 1991 World Series. What’s more, they both went 4-for-5.

In the 1988 home opener, Dan Gladden went 4-for-5 with two home runs, four RBI, and three runs scored including a straight steal of home in a 6-3 win over Toronto. The straight steal of home came off David Wells with Kent Hrbek batting in the seventh. It was the first of three straight steals of home in his career. He hit his second homer in the eighth. Gary Gaetti also homered in the game. Bert Blyleven earned the win, Juan Berenguer the hold, and Jeff Reardon the save—just like TK drew it up.

Gladden had also gone 4-for-5 in the Twins’ previous game two days earlier at Yankee Stadium.

In the 1992 home opener, Shane Mack hit a leadoff homer, and went 4-for-5 altogether, with two RBI and two runs scored in a 7-1 win over the Rangers (now featuring Al Newman). Kevin Tapani earned the win.

Mack posted a career-high 6.5 WAR in 1992, second on the team to Puckett’s career-high 7.1. Mack’s 5.0 WAR in 1991 was second-best to Tapani‘s 6.8.

I think this is a pretty cool piece of trivia. Think about it: The Twins very first plate appearance in front of the home Metrodome crowd since winning the World Series, and the left fielder hits a leadoff home run. You gotta believe the place got loud 🙂

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